Carry-over Activity

Articulation carry-over ideas that can really hold a 3-year old’s attention are hard to come by.  Today, my girl was under the table, rocking her chair, and dropping everything on the floor.  I got out this old therapy jewel with a dry erase marker and with the promise to let her draw too she was captivated.  What is it about watching someone draw?  We had to review all the pictures.   Some of these are not the most common on nouns.  I would start drawing and she would guess what it was and even repeat it for me to get her /k/ sound just right.  While she drew, I put the word in a short phrase and she was happy to repeat that too.  Repetition is great but eliciting a spontaneous production is even better.  I would ask her what she wanted me to draw next (spontaneous production) then trick her and draw something else for her to guess.  She enjoyed this activity so much, I made a copy of it for her to play at home with her mom.  I bought this resource from