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Speech Therapy

Our clinic is prepared to treat speech impediments that may stem from a variety of conditions; such as autism, traumatic brain injury (including CVA), dyslexia, Parkinson’s, aphasia (loss of ability to understand speech), and others.


Feeding Therapy

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Our clinic is now providing digital speech therapy sessions with online telehealth video conferencing service Doxy.me!


Hippotherapy – Horses for Healing!

The term hippotherapy refers to the use of equine (horse) movement as a tool that engages sensory, neuromotor, and cognitive systems to improve neurological functions. Given a consistent rhythm and coordinated framework provided by the horse trotting, the rider’s nervous system is able to focus on more complex thoughts and words.

“We LOVE you, Mrs. Bonnie!!!! Wyatt’s speech has improved by leaps and bounds in the very short amount of time he has been seeing you!!!! You are amazing and we are SO BLESSED to have you in our lives!!!! 💙💙💙”

Rachael Shipp, parent

“You are the only person who talked to me about my speech that way. I understand and I think I want you to help me. Thank you.”

Anonymous adolescent with stuttering disorder

“I have worked with Bonnie on and off for the past ten years. She does a wonderful job with children. I highly recommend her.”

Sonya Eads, Eccel

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